Say When

Wed 25 Sep 2019
Tickets £8.50 | £5 Student

A man wakes up choking in the middle of the night…fighting for breath. The attack subsides but the shock remains. What just happened?


Say When is a new show from Living Pictures, performed by award winning actor, director and sometime Wrestler Robert Bowman.


Follow his humorous struggles through a maze of ‘quick fix’ diets, fitness fads, and baffling advice from scientists and media ‘experts’.


In his wrestle with middle-aged spread, he begins to peep behind the curtain of the food industry, big agriculture and big burgers, leading him to ask himself - what’s it really going to take for him to look his ‘Belly’ in the mirror to face facts and say when?


Join him for an after-show discussion featuring guest speakers and your thoughts - plus some tasty, guilt-free nosh that’s food for thought.


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