The Pembrokeshire Story


The Pembrokeshire Story aims to connect people across generations in celebrating the Pembrokeshire spirit.

We all love a good story, but they are especially good if they throw light on the place that we are from.


The Pembrokeshire Story is trying to bring local artists and our community together by mapping the county through everyday stories told by the people who live here. A story might be something as simple as how life has changed over the years or it might be a special event that you would want to remember. So often these stories remain as legends within our own families, but this is a chance to share them with the world.


Everyone has a story to tell, and this project will facilitate these stories to be recorded and remembered for generations to come. 

The Torch Theatre, with the help of a team of Pembrokeshire-based freelance creatives, are looking to create a Living Archive of your stories that will be mapped on The Pembrokeshire Story website, which will be launched in April of this year.

We are looking for videos made by young people where they interview their grandparents or older relatives about their experiences and stories of Pembrokeshire. These videos will be added to an online Living Archive which will be available for anyone to access and help to tell the story of this county.

The videos must be no longer than 5 minutes in length, they can be made on a phone or recorded from a digital platform call (MP4 format), they must be filmed landscape and they can be in either English or in Welsh

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Send In Your Stories

The best way to send us your videos is via WeTransfer to the following email:

Please mark the videos for the attention of James Williams and highlight that the video is for The Pembrokeshire Story.


We will require to know the name of the person in the video, which part of Pembrokeshire their story is about, and a contact email address.


As the video will be shared on a public domain, we will require permission from those being filmed to use the video. We will send you a consent form which will need to be returned.


If you would prefer not to film your submission, we would be happy to receive your story as an audio recording (mp3 format) or in writing, with an accompanying photograph. 

Submissions must be received by 16 April 2021 to be considered for The Pembrokeshire Story.

If you require any more information or would like to speak to James Williams in more detail about the project, please email