Torch lights up Milford skyline

Residents and visitors of Milford Haven can hardly fail to have missed a new sight on the town’s skyline recently, as the Torch Theatre’s iconic fly tower has been illuminating the evening sky with an eye-catching lighting effect!


The spectacular lighting has already made an impact on social media, attracting favourable comments from locals sharing their photos of the eye-catching visual display.


The lighting was designed by Cardiff based designer Simon Fenoulhet, installed by Lite Ltd and paid for via a grant from the Arts Council of Wales.


The brief was to find a creative, cost-effective and low maintenance solution to the fly tower’s industrial clad appearance by transforming it into something more attractive – ‘a beacon of light that will be visible from Hakin and further afield’.


The lighting consists of Philips Colorgraze lighting fixtures made up of linear blocks of programmable LED clusters, arranged in 16 x 120cm lengths to provide an even coverage of light across the south and east faces of the top half of the fly tower. The fixtures wash the tower with a default setting of a slowly changing sequence of colours in a 15-second cycle; changing at 7.00pm to an eight-second cross-fade from left to right running for an hour before returning to the default setting of single colour washes.


The lighting of the fly tower follows the refurbishment and recladding of the fly tower itself, again courtesy of a grant from the Arts Council of Wales and with support from Austwel Milford Haven.

` Torch lights up Milford skyline