Dear friends,


While we are currently closed until at least the end of October, we can’t wait to welcome you back and to start enjoying films on the big screen again!

Before we do, we want to ask you about your film watching experience during lockdown, how you want the cinema to feel when you return, and what safety precautions you would like to see.
If you could kindly spare 
15 minutes, please follow the link below to fill in our audience survey. This feedback will be greatly appreciated and will inform operational decisions moving forward.

Survey Link:

[Please Note: This survey link expires on Wednesday 26 August]


Your responses will be used to inform our own planning, as well as being added to responses from all over the UK to help produce a national picture.
PopulusLive follow the Market Research Society Code of Conduct, which means you will not be personally identified in the reporting unless you have given explicit permission for them to do so.

Thank you - your contribution is invaluable.