Ray Burnell

Originally from Devon, Ray finds a lot of similarities between the coasts, rivers and countryside of the West Country and those of West Wales where he now lives.  
As a Welsh language learner, he is also interested in the links between landscape, history and language.

I have spent time studying art history, taking an interest in local art, galleries and artists, attending many local art workshops and I am a member of local art groups.  I have also taken part in many online art courses and seminars.

I paint mainly in oils but recently I've tried mixed media art and have begun to introduce materials such as sand and slate etc. to add interesting textures and abstract shapes to landscape/seascape painting.

I go 'Plein Air' painting one day a week in the spring and Summer.  Painting out in the landscape is a completely different experience from painting in the studio. Painting outside in West Wales is a challenge sometimes,  with changing light, weather... and wildlife from angry horseflies to sandwich stealing Preseli ponies!!"

Cafe Torch