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A First for Artist Rosalyn Siân Evans at the Torch

The county of Pembrokeshire, and in particular, the sea is paramount in Rosalyn Siân Evans’s original oil paintings exhibited at the Torch Theatre during April. Her exhibition called Enduring Landscapes: Nature and Emotion Abstracted will include paintings that are timeless and unchanging.

The exhibition of landscape and sea paintings of north Pembrokeshire viewpoints are dear to the artist and evoke the sense of 'Hiraeth,’ (longing) and have been inspired by her childhood years of growing up on Caerfai dairy farm located on the cliff tops of the St David’s Peninsula. This affiliation with land and sea greatly influences Rosalyn's dramatic pieces - the energy of the waves, the seasons, and the incredible light of Pembrokeshire, all of which have inspired Rosalyn's eye-catching abstract work, with layers of oil paint built up slowly on the canvas to capture the vast beauty of the rugged landscape.With a BA Honours in Fine Art (Painting) from Margaret Street School of Art, Birmingham, Rosalyn didn’t fully appreciate the beauty of Pembrokeshire until she had gone to art college.

“As a youngster growing up on the farm and being in touch with nature and the surrounding sea that was only a stone’s throw from us, I didn’t really appreciate the beauty until I went away to study, and then I missed it so much,” said Rosalyn who hopes to become a full-time artist.

And painting is most definitely in the blood. Rosalyn has five children - Bronwen, Dafydd, Madeline, Beatrice and Samson, with Madeline having just received an art scholarship in Bristol.

This exhibition will be Rosalyn’s first at the Torch Theatre. She has however exhibited her work annually at St David’s Cathedral since 2011.

“Exhibiting at the Torch Theatre is a really big thing for me and I'm so excited to be finally arranging this event with them. I have been so busy being mum to my five lovely children and also working part time with our family business, so to be dedicating my time to my own exhibition brings me a lot of pleasure,” said Rosalyn who likes to paint with a variety of tools including brushes, palette knives, rollers, and her hands and feet to create depth and drama in her unique pieces.

She added: “I don’t showcase my stuff very often and it’s slightly daunting, but I’m really excited at the same time. For years I’ve thought one day, one day, then actually today it happens and when I contacted the Torch, they were so very welcoming. I just hope that the paintings I sell are as loved in their new homes as much as I have loved creating them,” concluded Rosalyn with a big grin.

The exhibition Enduring Landscapes: Nature and Emotion Abstracted can be viewed at the Joanna Field Gallery at the Torch Theatre from 2 to 28 April. 


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