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A Little Bit Modern, A Little Bit Medieval: 2nd - 29th November

Katie George

From the word go, I have loved creating and making and it is that enthusiasm and energy that fuels my work.

My work is an exploration of decoration, ornament and pattern mixed with modern line and space. I am fascinated by the techniques and craftmanship that make up our decorative history and find it a constant inspiration. The period of heraldry is a particular favourite with the colours, the construction of the images and their meanings.

I grew up on a busy farm in Mid Wales, where there was always something to do, someone or something to feed, to mend or look after and I think that installed an effective work ethic, and an enthusiasm to enjoy being busy and productive with whatever your passion is, mine being creative.

I spent an interesting period working for Toye, Kenning and Spencer in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, learning the process of manufacturing small decorative enamel boxes for UK and American markets. Accuracy and attention to detail were paramount, I was employed as a hand painter in a team of highly skilled people where we produced and painted a bulk of stock working from a catalogue and also taking on many prestigious one-off projects and commissions such as The Eastern and Oriental Express, large manor houses and Royal events etc.

I also spent some time in Southwest France, painting. The time there was inspirational and very exciting, as the churches and buildings are incredibly old and you can still feel a very strong sense of medieval times, so many textures, designs and peculiarities to fuel the senses, a lot of my recent work is directly influenced by my time there, and of course the light there is amazing.

I currently work as an Art/Food Technician in Milford Haven Comprehensive School, which I absolutely love, I also run ‘The Big Picture Project Art Club’ on a Friday.



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