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A Marvel Review by Riley

We begin this story with one of our teenaged heroes, Kamala Khan, or Ms. Marvel. She is in her room once again imagining a life with her most beloved superhero, Captain Marvel. Suddenly, her magical bracelet surges with magic. A large flash of purple light surges through her room and knocks her back. A flashback to earlier that day may explain it all. With Michel Ranbow, who now works for Nick Fury and Captain Marvel out in space, exploring a hyperjump that isn’t closing. Ranbow and Captain Marvel both touch the energy and once again the same flash of light explodes and pushes them into different positions. All of them confused they encounter some villains along the way. They soon find out that touching the energy has now caused them to switch places whenever they use their powers at the same time. Along the way, they had found the villain had the same bangle as Kamala and she is from Captain Marvel’s second home, Hala. Throughout the rest of the movie the villain places hyperjumps from one place to another which has resources that Hala does not have. Along the way leaking grief and despair to the planet’s residents.

This movie is fun and adventurous, perfect for any kind. The actors did amazingly with their part. The emotion in each scene is amazing. It’s not just shouting and smiling. You really feel like your there and when it’s sad, you want to cry, when it’s funny and happy you want to smile and laugh. So much effort goes into the fighting scenes, and they made it really feel like it’s real. The fighting is exciting and seems so real.

Overall, the movie is amazing. It wouldn’t be suitable for under six-year-olds in my opinion but older than six could watch and enjoy this movie with their family. If you’re looking for a funny, adventurous and enjoyable movie, The Marvels is what you should be looking for.


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