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Allelujah indeed .

"God be praised " translation and "expressions of joy" do sum up a whole gamut to be experienced here ... in many different senses.

Quite a revelation would be another way to express my response to this film ... especially as I went to view it at short notice and with open minded expectations.

So .... wooooww!!

The film is based on the Alan Bennet play and very rich in "Bennet-esque" witty throwaway one liners and dialogue.

The characters are well drawn and well observed, capturing the context of the subject area and the portrayal of those involved in the hospital ward situation described ... including an accurate depiction of those in orbit around the central players, such as voluntary workers and fund raisers, political decision makers and managers (non executive and executive!)

I was especially intrigued by the recognisable scenes familiar to me as both a member of the public and in my working life. These scenes speak to something with which everyone can relate of course  ... humanity as a whole, personally and as part of the community.

Some of the settings look to be fast disappearing, not so in evidence now. Likewise the terminology, such as "geriatric". This in itself lends to the poignancy for me and adds to the message conveyed.

Some of the interplay and character interactions are very funny, literally earning the oft quoted "laugh out loud". Some interactions and storylines are also moving and extremely poignant.

The cast is stalwart ... and also impressively stellar.

The themes tackled are many and worthy ... veering towards very subtle and clever and thought provoking, in the case of the concept of marginalia for example.

The themes of dignity and being marginalised are very powerful in the film, not flinched from and sending a message at full volume which has left me mulling it over long afterwards.

The film then continues on a narrative lurching towards shocking and dramatic in a major twist when least anticipated.

I recommend this film as highly worth watching.

Allelujah runs on various days until 19th April. Book tickets here or call our Box Office on 01646 694192


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