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The Torch Theatre in Milford Haven prides itself on nurturing new talent and its Youth Theatre, for many, is where the magic of theatre all begins. The Youth Theatre (YT) is a programme for young people aged seven to 18 that helps them to understand what it is to be a theatre maker and the opportunities are endless.

Each week, the young people are encouraged to build their confidence through creative and engaging skill-building sessions, led by the Torch Theatre’s dedicated team. These sessions are not just about acting and theatre; the young people also learn about social skills, problem-solving, and teamwork. Most importantly they have fun and make new friends under the watchful eye of Tim Howe, Senior Manager Youth and Community.

The Torch Theatre caught up with two of its Youth Theatre participants... meet Elin and Ben.

Elin: I go to the Torch Youth Theatre every week and there are many reasons why I keep coming back. Firstly, it creates great opportunities to perform. We recently put on a performance of scenes from the play Blank and because of the Torch I was able to audition for the National Youth Theatre. I have also been able to meet many people outside of my school I would never have been able to meet, and make so many more friends.

“Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun. Torch Youth is a really good way to relieve stress and enjoy a few hours away from school. It’s been great to meet so many people from other schools that all like the same things as I do. Torch means a lot to us and it has helped us create bonds and give us opportunities we never would have had otherwise. Torch isn't only fun though. I have learned so much this term alone about not only performing, but writing, directing, sound and lighting. Tim often explains why he is doing things and what they mean to help us understand every part of a production.

“My confidence has grown hugely as a result of attending the Torch. Each term we work towards a performance. The first few weeks we warm up with drama based games and work a bit with the scripts before casting the play. We then spend our time each week working on the different scenes. Tim and Ceri work with us on the scenes, while also allowing us to develop them ourselves and use our own ideas. We are allowed so much room to shape the characters, we really enjoy playing and working with them. I think others should come because Torch is an extremely enjoyable way to learn and perform. The opportunities you get from coming to Torch are amazing and I look forward to coming every week. I love it and I think if you enjoy drama you will love it too.”

Ben: “The Youth Theatre provides a safe and inclusive space for young people to make new friends, discover new passions, and gain a sense of belonging. By participating in youth theatre, young people can learn valuable life lessons and develop skills that will serve them well in most careers or personal pursuit. It’s also good for anyone looking to express themselves and build their confidence.

“I have been coming to Torch Youth Theatre for a few years now after wanting to improve my skills in acting and theatre. The reason I come to Torch Youth is because it is a safe place where you can joke about and not worry about being in a strict environment but still feel like you have been involved in something both productive. I also come here because both the members and teachers are welcoming and approachable.

“During the sessions you can expect to participate in drama games and activities before going into small groups and creating short sketches that you get to perform in front of each other. As well as this, you also have the opportunity to work towards a short performance that we put on at the end of term in front of an audience.

“I have always had an interest in theatre and since being with Torch Youth I have improved in areas such as communication, teamwork, creativity, and confidence. I have also developed my acting and performance skills, learned about stagecraft, and explored different styles of theatre. Participating in youth theatre provides a valuable opportunity for time management, skill development, and self-expression which has helped shape who I am now.

“Overall, Torch Youth Theatre is genuinely just a welcoming community and I highly recommend considering joining as it will provide you with so much more confidence and possibly the opportunity to make new friends and meet new people you might not usually approach. So, why not give it a shot?”


The Torch Youth Theatre Autumn term starts on the week commencing 18 September with sessions held on the following days during term time:

Group 1: School years 3 and 4 meet on TUESDAYS 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Group 2: School years 5 and 6 meet on WEDNESDAYS 4:30pm to 6:00pm 

Group 3: School years 7, 8, and 9 meet on TUESDAYS 6.30pm to 8:00pm 

Group 4: School years 10, 11, 12 and 13 meet on WEDNESDAYS 7:30pm to 9:30pm 


If this sounds like something you or your young person are interested in being part of then please contact the Torch Theatre’s box office team on 01646 695267 and they will be happy to book you in for your taster session.


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