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Blog No. 17 - Liz May

My name is Liz May, and I am a British Sign Language interpreter. I have been interpreting for the Torch Theatre for quite a few years now. If my memory serves me correct, I think the first production I worked on was Pinocchio in December 2018! Obviously, we had a break while COVID was happening.  

I regularly interpret the inhouse productions, October and then the Pantomime at Christmas. This year, I am also interpreting their spring production. The Torch is one of my favourite venues I work in, that includes BSL into their productions. The staff are friendly and accommodating to everyone’s needs. It’s lovely to see theatres including BSL into their productions on a regular basis. I get to interpret a variety of productions here at the Torch from musicals to plays such as Private Lives. Having the background I have, ex performer, I can bring more to my interpretations, drawing on my experiences of working on the stage myself.

The Torch is a great venue to work in and the lay out of the theatre means visually, wherever you sit, you can see the stage clearly. This is good for accessing the interpreter on the stage, and depending on preferences of the deaf community, will dictate where they would sit. You can usually find me on the left-hand side of the stage as you look at it from the auditorium.

However, in February, I am performing with a touring dance company called Ransack, where I am integrated into the entire first half. I am dancing again, and the dancers are also signing.  I also work with Ballet Cymru and tour with some of their productions that visit The Torch.



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