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As a means of preparing to watch, before the final performance, or mourn the approaching end of run of the wonderful and acclaimed " Private Lives ", what better prescription than a screening of Brief Encounter?

Brief Encounter dovetails neatly to provide a further nod to the "Master", Sir Noel Coward , who was producer and wrote the screenplay. He even features in the film , in a "Hitchcock-esque" type role.

The film is being screened as part of the delightful Movies and Memories series. It is a well-deserved classic and tells the story of an epic romance. The events are timeless in terms of human experience, as well as complex emotions that can accompany falling in love. The era portrayed is romantic too, in perfectly captured snapshot of the mid nineteen forties period. 

Viewing on the big screen certainly allows the opportunity to be fully immersed in the story, as well as to soak up the atmosphere . The music superbly enhances both the action and the atmosphere. 

Brief Encounter surely earns the description of "weepie". There is a roller coaster journey consisting of tumultuous feelings all stirred up and bubbling over in a volatile mix ... before changing pitch to move into calmer and gentler territory. Funny moments abound, courtesy of the fabulous supporting cast of characters. The leading characters are beautifully played by Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard.

The railway stations and steam train locations are inspired, lending an urgency to the pace of events and ramping up the dramatic tension. This is a neat counterpoint to the everyday, commonplace and ordinary events playing out in the background.

All aboard the 14.00 arriving at the Torch!



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