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Dementia Cake Sale at the Torch Theatre: A Sweet Gesture Towards Community Support

Sixteen-year-old Sophie Marshall, a student at Haverfordwest High School, will be hosting a Cake Sale at the Torch Theatre this March as part of her Welsh Baccalaureate course. Inspired by the Torch Theatre’s commitment to dementia-friendly initiatives including cinema screenings and other activities, Sophie aims to raise funds to support these vital activities.

Driven by a desire to raise awareness and contribute positively to her community, Sophie chose to focus her Welsh Baccalaureate Global Community Challenge volunteering hours on hosting a Cake Sale event at the Torch.

Sophie’s journey towards organising this event began with a personal connection to dementia. Witnessing a family friend’s struggle with the disease ignited her passion for understanding and supporting those affected.

“As the days and months went by, he couldn’t remember my name and it was so very sad. It really hit me. I began researching dementia, googling it, and fell into this rabbit hole of wanting to find out more about it, and I quickly became aware of the lack of support available for sufferers and their families. It really is quite terrifying,” reflected Sophie, who is studying A-level History, Psychology and Business. 

“I want to raise awareness about dementia as it’s a disease anyone can get. With this event I will be using social media platforms to let people know more about dementia as well as welcoming people to the event at the Torch. I will also be baking and I’m seeking cake donations from my own village and school communities,” explained Sophie.

The recent Government cuts in funding for the Arts have further fuelled Sophie’s determination to support the Torch and its dementia-friendly initiatives.

She said: “I want people to know how important the arts are for people with dementia and for the community as a whole. The dementia-friendly screenings are a lifeline for many. They offer independence and a place to connect with others, creating a feeling of community. As a Torch Theatre supporter, I want to help make sure that these can continue.”

The Cake Sale on Sunday 17 March, between 2pm and 4pm, will coincide with the Torch Theatre’s popular Clothes Swap event, creating a vibrant atmosphere of community engagement and support. A warm welcome is extended to all.


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