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Looking for a Roar-some day out? Then may I recommend “Dinosaur Adventure Live” which is a Dino-mite, awe-inspiring interactive stage show that captivates and immerses both the young and young at heart into an enthralling Jurassic World! 

Join the intrepid rangers on a quest to recover the data crystal, restore power to the island and save the Dinosaurs! Stomp, Roar and Swish your tail as they introduce you to some of the most incredible species ever to have lived on planet Earth. Red Entertainment alongside MNJ bring you a totally T-rex-iffic story written by Mike Newman Jnr with incredible set design, costuming, and lighting all brilliantly done by 3D Creations, Kelly Sims, and Bradley Caldwell.

Once you’re in the theatre, you’ll immediately be immersed as this Roar-some production takes the audience through an unforgettable Jurassic experience that’s perfect for the whole family as we learn all about some of the wonderful herbivores and carnivores of the dinosaur dynasty and their history with Dino-facts which are both fun and educational, we also meet some adorable baby dinos, but watch out…. You could be on the menu! 

During the 1 hour and 30-minute show, you will meet Ringo the Velociraptor, Red the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and a super cute baby Triceratops as well as a majestic sauropod dinosaur. All the dinosaurs are incredibly impressive and so realistic. I was amazed at the artistry, the dinosaurs were truly fantastic and the children and parents like myself were transfixed – we forgot the dinosaurs were puppets. 

The show itself was done well as an interactive show and incredibly realised and immersive. We were introduced to our explorers and helpful tour guides through the Island’s dinosaur facility Ranger Rob and Ranger Rachel played by Lewis Blemings and Melanie Thompson both were excellent in engaging with the members of my audience and providing such great entertainment and enjoyment alongside PIP (Prehistoric Intelligence Program) as each ranger tell incredible and educational facts about each dinosaur that even I didn’t know. 

Throughout the show the audience is heavily involved and is asked, much like at a pantomime, to shout out at Rangers Rob and Rachel when red warning lights go off on Ringo the Raptor’s cage otherwise if they don’t stop and turn it off, the Velociraptor who stole the Data Crystal will escape. This had all the children and myself screaming and shouting at various points during the show, as we are also introduced to Professor Cavendish and his assistant Izzy played by Sam Peterson and Natalie Daniel. This is another entertaining pair as Peterson’s Professor uses Matilda a baby T-Rex as transportation which leads to some Roar-some audience participation on stage from the little ones to the big ones. 

You won’t want to miss this adventure of a lifetime, so hold onto your kids as this show will blow them away! There is a post-show ‘meet and greet’ with an opportunity for a closer look at the baby Raptor and baby Triceratops which was predictably and adorably mobbed with the children wanting a glimpse and smooth of the prehistoric baby, but charmingly delightful. “Dinosaur Adventure Live” left me and the little one feeling like we’ve truly witnessed something special. Dinosaur fans will be especially captivated and will no doubt tell everyone they meet about the day they came face to face with these magnificent creatures from a time-long, Long Ago… 


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