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Find out more about our 'Beast' - local actor Sam Freeman

Samuel Freeman from Milford Haven plays the Beast in our Festive Pantomime of Beauty and the Beast. We caught up with him to find out what Samuel likes and dislikes about Christmas ….


Do you enjoy Christmas and why?


I love Christmas! Sometimes I have to work away from home for a long time. So Christmas is a great time to be able to be in the Milford Panto and be close to my family and friends at such a special time of year.

What will you eat Christmas day?

There are so many great things. Cheese, chocolates, sweets and drinks. The star of the show is of course Christmas dinner, though I am a little hesitant to divulge exactly what that consists of. I’ve found every house has its own traditions. I once made the mistake of telling my friends we have sweetcorn with our roast…I don’t think I’ve ever lived that down!


What do you really want from Santa?

Maybe it’s showing my age, but if Santa fancied covering my energy bills next month, that would be much appreciated. 

What’s the worst Christmas gift that you’ve ever received? 

I’m pretty sure I’ve been given a bottle of wine that I had gifted myself the year before. And it’s safe to say, I’ve wrapped it back up again to give this year. 


Where will you celebrate Christmas and with who? 

The Freeman Family household is going to be full this year. I am so excited to be sharing it with them all. Especially my nephew’s very first Crimbo! I hope he likes sweetcorn…


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