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Fiona Miller exhibits her work at the Torch

Pembroke artist Fiona Miller will exhibit her work at the Joanna Field Gallery at the Torch Theatre this February. Born in Cwmbran, but very well-travelled since a newborn, Fiona’s exhibition called ‘Phoenix Rising’ is the rebirth of her creative spirit and her homecoming to Wales.  

Visitors to the exhibition will be in for a visual feast with abstract artwork – acrylic on canvas - quirky photographic prints, writing and even some curated notes. Fiona says - “I love being guided through the inspirations, feelings and use of colours for each piece.”

Fiona has had a busy and unusual life, with many experiences of different parts of the world, all of which have made her the creative artist she is today.

Fiona says: “Even though I was born in the Valleys, I was only there for about eight months before being moved to the Middle East (Dubai, Muscat, Oman, Lebanon) and then moving to Cyprus and finally returning to the UK in the early 70s to start education in a more conventional and ‘normal’ way.”

The fourth daughter of entrepreneurial parents; her father (George McCoach) was a chartered quantity surveyor and was ‘headhunted’ by a Sheikh in the early 60s to leave the UK and travel, with his young family, to the unknown - the Middle East!

Fiona’s parents inspired her creativity.

She said: “My dad was essentially a creative and skilled ‘hobby’ artist and he is probably where I get my inherited creative streak from. I sadly lost my dad when I was 15 years old, but luckily, I was also inspired by watching my mum’s exquisite interior design skills and innate ability to work with colours, in an amateur way. She always knew if something wasn’t quite right visually and would move things even slightly to make it look better when she was putting our many homes together in different countries. I have inherited this ‘artist’s eye’ and will not usually settle until I have straightened that picture or rearranged the flowers to sit better in a vase!”

Self-taught, Fiona’s work concentrates on abstract artwork in painting and incredibly detailed photographic prints; a study in juxtaposition. She recently had an exhibition in Eastbourne, East Sussex, before moving to Wales in April last year. However, this will be her first exhibition here at the Torch and in Wales.

“It feels incredibly scary, challenging and exciting in equal measure. It is so wonderfully heart-warming and an honour to be given this opportunity in a community I am only now getting to know.”

Fiona is setting up art workshops from the beginning of February and will be taking abstract acrylic art to everyone who wants to give it a go. 

“I will be launching this as soon as I can after setting up the Torch exhibition. My hope is that I can establish myself, as I was in Eastbourne, as a facilitator of art to anyone and everyone who wants to get involved. So often watercolour as an art medium is offered and I want to spread the acrylic word. Acrylic painting is so much fun and very forgiving - a great opportunity to have some fun with art!”.

Fiona is a qualified APCCA - Art as a Person-Centred Therapy - Practitioner and an NLP - Neurolinguistic Programming - Practitioner.

She added: “My workshops are empathetic and based on the person-centred approach, tailored to the individuals I’m working with. Nothing is ever ‘forced’ – that defeats the object – pace, ability and willingness to express through creativity, is always taken into consideration. My workshops are an amazing gift – to you, your loved ones or colleagues.”

For further information visit Phoenix Rising will open on Saturday 3 February until Thursday 28 February during Torch Theatre opening times. Further information can be found by visiting


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