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By Val Ruloff

It's a  woooooow from me !! 

There’s very good reason for the saying that first impressions count… and this one is a stunner!

Superlatives are well earned here - excellent, fabulous, glorious. Sparkling with fizzing effervescence.

Permission requested, please, for taking the liberty of rave (pre)view apropos first impressions of “Private Lives”.

Already, even at this early-stage run-through in preparation for opening night, the Private Lives production promises a cut glass delivery and dazzling performance and is poised for what deserves to be a resounding success.

Each of the characters is sharply observed and portrayed impressively. They are very well cast. Each and every one made me laugh, such was the pace and delivery of the repartee and witty lines. There was definitely a lot of “laughing out loud”, many very funny moments. 

All due credit here, as this play features some darkly comic and difficult aspects, which I feel confident in the knowledge are handled exactly and responsibly by the well-chosen cast. These ingredients serve to add to the relevance of Private Lives, an observation shared with my fellow reviewer, Liam Dearden.

The set designs and the costumes are wonderfully glamorous and sophisticated, especially evocative of the period in which the play is set. This is a particular treat, due to the glorious fashion and interior design styles and architecture of the time.

I've been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Private Lives at the Torch , ever since viewing the “Mad about the Boy” film biography about Noel Coward in July. Now, I'm more excited than ever and this is after a taster, sampling the hors d'oeuvres. I cannot wait to experience the main course and the dessert!

Private Lives runs from 4th October – 21st October tickets are available and members get 25% off up to four tickets.

Mad About the Boy – The Noel Coward Story returns to the big screen at the Torch 21st September


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