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Inside Out 2: A Review by Freya Barn

One of our Junior Reviewers, Freya Barn, came to see the much-anticipated Inside Out 2 here at the Torch. Full of mixed emotions, check out Freya's thoughts on the latest Disney sequel...

Riley, a normal child with a love for hockey and plays it with her two best friends all the time and inside her head is where all of her emotions are taking charge.  As everyone remembers from the first movie, emotions Joy, Anger, Fear, Sadness and Disgust help Riley through her day-to-day life. Everything today for Riley and all her emotions seem normal, but after playing a normal match of hockey, she and her friends were invited to a special hockey camp, where her friends and her idol, Val, trains at.  After excitedly saying yes along with her friends, she goes back home thinking that tomorrow would just be another normal day.

All inside her head though, her emotions are bustling around preparing Riley for the next day when she goes to hockey camp, but soon are rudely interrupted by the PUBE ERTY Button beeping every few seconds. Joy and the other emotions go investigate and all of a sudden an alarm goes off and headquarters are bombarded with workers ruining their perfect setup, saying that they are getting ready for the new emotions. After Riley wakes, the workers go back to where they came but somethings wrong with the controller. After this everything goes downhill, and Riley is making choices she would never have made before and with going to hockey camp this was going to be a long, long week for the emotions and Riley...

We all remember Riley's love for hockey and how well she played and now she has found her place playing for the Foghorns! We all remember the last movie where all of the emotions struggled to work together and all of them were in a puzzle. Well today in this movie all of the emotions have finally figured that they need to work together to help Riley function better making their memories mixed colours instead of one.

This is an amazing movie, and it really flows well with the first movie. It is also in a way educational to other people, teaching them how people grow up and what happens in your head, which includes more emotions! The actors did amazingly, playing their part well. This can be hard, especially when you're just playing one emotion throughout the whole movie. Either way the actors did really well, making this movie all the better.

There is nothing I would change about this movie because it is already the best.  I personally recommend this movie to all ages whether they just want to enjoy a fun engaging movie, or taking their family out for some fun, this movie is perfect for everyone.


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