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Lizzie Tobin, originally from Newcastle, has been living in Pembrokeshire since 2016 after visiting Freshwater West summer holidays for over forty years during which time she lived in Spain and Italy.  

In this exhibition - ‘Land ,Coast, Pembrokeshire and Beyond’, Lizzie has taken her inspiration from the world around her and includes Pembrokeshire towns as well as Bristol, Athens and London.

Lizzie told us - “I particularly like to point out the beauty in urban environments which can get overlooked because of all the natural beauty elsewhere and which we sometimes take for granted. A tree against a building in the winter for example or the patterns left in the sand when the tide is out.”

She goes on to say “I have always painted. While I was in Spain I painted watercolours as they were easy to access with a small child and partner to look after. When I moved to Pembrokeshire I enrolled in an Art course at Pembrokeshire Lifelong learning and was lucky to find an inspirational tutor who introduced me to oils and acrylics until I had my first solo exhibition at the VC Gallery in Haverfordwest. I then went on to study at Carmarthen College of Art where I developed my work. I was introduced to digital art which I pursued and I now have an ample collection of digital illustrations in my portfolio. Perhaps because of my exposure to the sunlight in Spain I paint in very vibrant colours  and with my oils and acrylics I lay the paint on thickly with a palette knife creating an almost 3D effect. I find that the digital palette adapted easily to the vibrant use of colour, though in some of my later works I have toned this down a bit.”

Lizzies’ previous solo exhibitions to date include;  Oriel y Parc St David’s, Queen Street Gallery in Neath and she is a regular contributor to the Oriel Q gallery in Narberth where she is also a committee member and volunteer.

Lizzie invites everyone “to enjoy my paintings, and I hope I can share some of my ‘vision’ with you.”

The exhibition is free to view at the Torch’s Johanna Field Gallery throughout June when the Box Office is open - Tuesday to Saturday 11.00am to 8.00pm and on Sundays from 1 hour prior to start of events to 8:00pm.

Image below: 'Tenby Harbour 11'



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