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Torch Voices musical director Angharad Sanders on the ways joining a community choir can benefit your wellbeing.

Torch Voices... Isolated, but never alone.

Torch Voices is a relatively new choir, established at the Torch Theatre in 2019 for any members of our community who enjoy music or singing. Sadly, we’ve now been “together” online longer than we were in person, but this has not stopped our core members smiling and singing and we will continue to work together online until we can be back, filling the Torch with song again!

The internet and video calling are far from ideal for any musical rehearsals, but it has been a real joy to see our choir members flourish, laugh, connect and make music across the virtual divide. At the heart of the choir is a desire to encourage and promote positive expression through music.

It has never been a platform for elite musicians only, but a place where anyone with a passion to perform can come and have a sing through all kinds of music; from Bruno Mars to Christmas carols, Madonna to Pachelbel’s ‘Canon’. Even being stuck online we have produced some beautiful work, making videos for the NHS back in the summer and to celebrate St. David’s Day in 2021.

But why bother singing in a choir at all? Apart from the fun and positive environment, choral singing has been proven to; improve sleep, tone facial muscles, improve posture, boost the immune system (yes, we are all, quite literally, healthier when we sing!), reduce anxiety and stress, promote positive relationships, increase self-esteem and, if that weren’t enough... release endorphins (the happy hormones).

So, whether you are interested in choral singing, or just improving your general outlook... Pop on your favourite songs, open the windows and have a great big sing! You’ll be surprised by the positive impact you’ll feel.

Torch Voices continue to meet weekly on Zoom, Thursday evenings.

To sign up or to find out more contact Angharad:


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