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Avatar: The Way of Water The highly anticipated sequel to the revolutionary blockbuster Avatar, I walked into the movie theatre with high expectations after seeing the groundbreaking story and visuals of the original film and after 3 hours of amazing story I can say that this sequel did not disappoint and completely lived up to my expectations.

The crew of Avatar: The Way of Water really challenged themselves with creating a cutting edge sequel to this much loved classic.  The movie had amazing visuals gained from the most up to date CGI technology available which enhanced the viewers experience. The movie makes the most of using the original actors who play the roles perfectly and gave the character’s their original personalities that any other actor could not have done. The CGI made it feel like Pandora was a real place and in many scenes the water on and around the characters looked and acted like actual water.

The story follows a similar path to the original film with some changes around the timeline.  This fits very well with the history of Pandora and with the people and how they adapt to threats. The length of the movie, although long, allowed the writers to build the tension and anticipation of the viewer to a good ending.

I really enjoyed watching this film and I walked out of the theatre feeling that my expectations had been met. I would highly recommend watching this film after you have watched the original. 



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