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After the events of endgame the Guardians have made their home on Knowhere, the seat of their main headquarters. On Knowhere, the Guardians are attacked by Adam, a Sovereign warrior created by their high priestess Ayesha. After Adam overpowers them and critically wounds one of the Guardians. They then go on a journey to save their friend and stop the High Evolutionary, a super powerful being obsessed with creating the perfect society.

The past few Marvel films I have had mixed opinions on and many people have said that they were disappointed and underwhelmed by these films but this movie truly brings out the spirit of Marvel! It is funny but not overly comedic and is emotional at just the right times. This film is “perfectly balanced” in both comedic and emotional ways giving us a pleasant movie experience. The plot of the film also explains Rocket Racoon’s past with flashbacks that come at separate times in the film. In these little flashbacks we see a young Rocket in the facility that he was made in and the story of him and Lila, a new character introduced  in this film. There was no scene in this film that I thought felt out of place or made no sense. It was all perfectly planned out with every little detail being significant in some way.

We get to see our characters in a new light, we see how they have evolved after Endgame and the Infinity saga and how the characters have changed because of their experiences. I think that we see the characters act more human than we've ever seen them. We see that even a superhero has troubles that an everyday person would have which helps connect you to them and allows you to sympathise with the characters more. Also I feel that after 5 films together the actors know the characters and their behaviours and have grown with the characters in the film.

I think that this is a truly perfect Marvel film that embraces the characters' stories and feelings throughout the film. I loved watching and reviewing this film and am sad to hear it is the last instalment in the Guardians of the Galaxy. I  highly recommend this to anyone who loves a good emotional rollercoaster mixed in with a funny and exciting Marvel movie.


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