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The first film introduced us to the idea of the Spider-Verse, an interconnected web of universes with millions of different spider men. In it we saw Miles, a young teenage boy who finds himself taking the role of spiderman after that universe's spiderman dies but this Peter has left him with a mission to destroy a reactor capable of bringing other people from different universes to his. In the first film we are introduced to a group of different spider men including a spider woman called Gwen Stacy who helps him destroy the reactor and save his universe. 

In this movie we continue with Miles while he is fighting a new villain called the spot who can make portals anywhere. Miles continues on but is interrupted when Gwen Stacy travels back to Miles' universe where she tells him she is part of a team of spider people who tackle multiversal threats. Now Miles tries to help battle a villain that threatens the multiverse but the leader of this team doesn't think Miles should help. The movie follows Miles as he tries to help whilst finding his own place in the Spider-Verse.

What can I say? This movie wowed me with its amazing action, its excellent plotlines and dazzling art styles! I was amazed by the way it carried on the story with Miles being a few years older and having been Spiderman for longer. We see that more of a mature aspect of him but still with a silly childish version of him. We see him as he tries to be spiderman and Miles and the difficulties of living 2 lives and the struggles that he has when keeping his identity from his parents. I love how this character has matured since the first film with him being more comfortable as Spiderman but still with more to learn. We see how his life not just as Spiderman has changed but also as himself with his spider identity impacting his school and home life. The art in this film was amazing, with each universe having its own unique artstyle like Gwen’s watercolour world, Spider-punks paper art style and even a Lego world! The artists worked hard on each individual spidermen as each character's style also reflects their personality.

The voice actors did a great job in portraying each spiderman with a different personality and a strong sense of emotion. In every scene the characters react perfectly but without making it too predictable which made it feel more alive and real with just enough drama and tension.  I can't wait to see the 3rd movie in this amazing storyline. I highly recommend watching this film!


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