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We at the Torch Theatre are delighted to introduce our brand-new Reviewer, Riley Barn.

"My name is Riley. I am a 12 year old boy who goes to Milford Haven Comp. I have 3 siblings that I love very much. I was born in Germany as my dad was serving in the army at the time. 2 years ago he left and he began training to become a teacher. My mum works at our local school and works extremely hard to make sure everyone at school and at home is happy.

I was introduced to this opportunity by a teacher at school and I was overjoyed to hear I was considered for this amazing opportunity. I love movies and plays and I always loved to act out parts from my favourite movie so when I heard that I could review other people I was excited to see it done professionally. I had gone to shows at the torch theatre before so I know how great they can be and I'm hoping they will be just as great!"

Last week, Riley went to see Matilda the Musical. Take a look at what he thought:

"The story of Matilda, a special girl trying to transform her school from a “living hell” to a place of education and wonder but with one thing in her way, the zero tolerance Miss Trunchbull! This remake of a classic Roald Dahl book and successful movie takes us on a different journey using song and dance. The songs play a crucial role in the telling of the story and help give a well needed feel of hope and sadness when needed. All of this together creates a vibrant and colourful story for all the family.

I loved the nostalgic scenes but also how it shows some original ideas creating a feeling of suspense when you don't know what's going to happen.  The way they show Miss Trunchbull as this zero tolerance, order crazy, mad person and the militant way she runs the school is absolutely amazing. It portrays her at the start as just a super strict and child hating head mistress but as the movie progresses she gets crazier and crazier.  By the end of the film you can see that she doesn't just have a burning hatred for kids but she is mentally unstable.  Her crazy demeanour is visual in the totalitarian way she runs the school.  

Miss Honey helps Matilda through thick and thin and you can see that she truly cares for her students and the people she meets. She is a shy but loving character who has a rough history but opens up to Matilda when she is in need. 

Last but not least, Matilda, the actress who played her, really got into the role and played Matilda like she was the character and was able to perform and sing the songs so well. The character of Matilda in this film is just like the original but with a few added bonuses. Her confidence to stand up, not just to The Trunchbull, but to her parents when she knows they are doing bad things. Also her ability to control her “powers' 'which in the original film Matilda could not. The songs were great and fit super well with the scenes and the new ideas and plot lines were all great. 

All in all this movie was a thrill to watch and is my personal favourite remake. Great film that has made the original proud."



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