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This is just so very exciting! Oh no it isn’t! Oh yes it is! The Torch Theatre can confirm that Milford Haven’s very own Samuel Freeman, the fabulous and famous Welsh actor musician will be playing the part of Jabberwock himself in the family fun filled show - the Jabberwocky and Other Nonsense at the Torch this August.

Samuel Freeman, the son of Paul and Amanda Freeman from Milford Haven, is a familiar face on the Torch Theatre stage. He attended the Torch Youth Theatre when he was a teenager and is now a regular at the Torch. Samuel says that the Torch has paved his career and inspired him to follow his dreams.

“I remember doing two shows with Dave Ainsworth at the Torch. We had a three- week rehearsal period before we presented the show to audiences. It was the real deal and so professional. It really set me up,” said Samuel who graduated from Bath Spa School of Music and Performing Arts with a first class Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Acting.

He added: “I had great opportunities at the Torch Theatre, including two summers working on fantastic in house productions. I developed my acting skills with a focus on reflecting how the job works in the industry. Also what was so important at that age was the confidence and social skills it gave me. Those years at the Torch Theatre were very informative to me.”

The trumpeter, singer, guitarist, clown, puppeteer and composer is an associate artist of Calf2Cow, and has performed and composed music for The Wave and The Wind In The Willows UK Tours, with the Wind in the Willows visiting the Torch Theatre last year.

And fans of Calf2Cow productions will be in for a real treat at the end of August as the adaptation of Lewis Caroll’s Jabberwocky and Other Nonsense comes to the Torch Theatre stage in a fun filled family show with lots of belly laughs.

“The whole cast has a lot of characters to play, so there will be lots of super fun multi rolling moments. Including many of the best residents of Wonderland. But who, oh who, will be the Jabberwock? I wonder…

“Our play is based on the famous poem from Alice Through the Looking Glass. Our hero George has been sent on a rock and roll quest to find and slay the Jabberwock. Along the way, they meet all sorts of hilarious nonsense characters from the mind of Lewis Carroll. Will George find the beast? Are they the monsters they’re said to be? And what really makes a hero? Come along and find out!,” said Samuel who is passionate about creating through play.

On Thursday 31 AugustJabberwocky and Other Nonsense will delight families in a show that’s suitable for everyone.

“It’s high energy rock and roll, mayhem and silliness with lots of laughs. It will make everyone have a good time. It really is a lot of fun,” added Samuel who wishes to thank the Torch Theatre for his stage experiences.

“The Torch Youth Theatre definitely helped me, not only to work on the necessary skills, but I was put an in environment where I was made to feel comfortable, it was fun and sociable and brought me out of maybe my shyness and lack of confidence. It made me confident about who I was. It was a nice environment and that’s why I pursued it as a career and do this for the rest of my life.”

And the Torch has not only played an important role in Samuel’s life, but it has also touched the lives of his family members …

“My Mum did attend the Torch Youth Theatre, back when it was directed by Tim Arthur. My Dad’s first job as an apprentice electrician was wiring the Torch Theatre.

My grandmother’s first cousin, Monty Minter was the architect of the Torch and both of my siblings have also performed on the stage. So it is safe to say that the Torch Theatre has been with my family for generations!” 

Join Samuel and his actor friends in this fun, exciting, crazy adventure in monstrous proportions. With lots of character changes, an opportunity to see the Mad Hatter and the Walrus …. It’s a great family show.

THE JABBERWOCKY & OTHER NONSENSE will visit the Torch Theatre on Thursday 31 August at 4pm. Tickets are: Family £45.00 | Standard £16 | Child: £11. Tickets can be purchased from the Box Office at the Torch Theatre on 01646 695267 or click here.


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