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The Mario games have been popular in many homes with lots of adults and children having played the various games over the decades.  The characters Mario and Luigi standing out for their famous green and red overalls and becoming heroes for saving Princess Peach from the grasp of evil Bowser.

The introduction of the movie is set in the backdrop of Brooklyn, New York explaining the back story of Mario and Luigi, who have left their employer to set up their own plumbing business.  With not a lot of support from their family and their ex boss being quite mean to them, Mario embarks on his mission to succeed but ends up being transported to the brightly coloured world of the Mushroom Kingdom and so begins the quest to save the Kingdom from Bowser’s evil grasp.

Chris Pratt as Mario effectively voices the character makes Mario his own and you feel sorry for him with him being put down many times. Charlie Day as Luigi is timid and really looks up to his brother. The two actors really showed Mario and Luigi’s close brotherly bond throughout the movie.I think Anya Taylor-Joy did a good job of acting Peach because she is a strong, determined young woman, standing up for what she believed in to save her kingdom. Keegan Michael Key as Toad was lively, animated, funny and had lots of energy and I would have liked to have seen and heard more of Toad throughout so there could have been more comedy throughout the movie. Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong is quite a strong but lovable character.Jack Black was great as Bowser but I think he could have been a bit more intimidating (but his singing was great … like in Rock School!).

But!!! Where was Yoshi?

The colourful world of the games was awesome throughout and it was great to see Mario Kart, Mario 3D World, Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario Odessy and Donkey Kong all being included within the movie.  Princess Peach’s obstacle course was so cool and just like the Super Mario Bros game and it was funny watching Mario trying to complete it with his many attempts, something I have also done while playing the Mario games!. Along with the typical Mario music and sound effects, I felt the addition of the pop and rock music really enhanced the scenes , Thunderstruck, Holding Out For A Hero, Mr Blue Sky and Take On Me.

The message of this film is clear from the start, even though Mario is put down many times, he never gives up.  So never give up on your hopes and dreams and you will succeed.

This movie is PG, it’s truly a movie for everyone, especially avid Mario fans.  If you love the Mario games, then it’s definitely worth a watch to see them come to life and be incorporated into one movie.  An explosion of colour on the screen.

Rating out of 10

I’d give this movie an 8/10, which could have been improved with more comedic lines.

Reviewed by Cailtyn Sanders-Swales, age 11.


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