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The Creator : Review by Riley Barn

A world plunged into war after a nuclear warhead is launched decimating the city of Los Angeles all because of the AI that the American government had introduced to protect them. The US bans all AI from their country but countries such as Thailand embrace AI and help it evolve. America has launched war upon all AI and humans, helping them by introducing a super massive space station called NOMAD that can launch missile strikes anywhere on earth. This changed the tide of the war but when the Americans heard wind that there was an AI superweapon that would win the AI the war, Joshua, a hardened ex-special forces agent, has been called back after 5 years. Joshua is tasked with destroying this weapon, which takes the form of a young child!

To start off I must admit, before I was looking for films to review I had never heard of this film and the only reason I watched it was because it was directed by the guy behind Rogue One so I didn't have big hopes for this film and well, it blew me away! It was an absolutely amazing story with its own original ideas about the war with futuristic AI while introducing strong moral dilemmas with one of its main protagonists, a robot child! I loved this film. It was full of emotion and true feeling and it felt as if this could happen with everything in the film. I feel that they took an old used concept of AI war and turned it into a new and entertaining idea! It felt like they had taken Avatar and mixed it with your average AI war film but it surprised me with the addition of large moral dilemmas. The AI isn't some mindless robot that wants to take over the world but they have families and feelings and live as if they were human. This coupled with the fact that the “superweapon” is a kid so you have that problem on your mind the whole film with discussions going between the kid and Joshua about heaven and religious belief which introduces some heartfelt moments.

The main character Joshua has a super emotional backstory that many audience members can feel for but after that he shows himself  as a hardened soldier who is tough to the core but through the child, shows his loving and caring side. There is a small amount of comedy but when it appears it is perfect and adds a little brightness to the serious tone of the film. This film was extraordinary and I consider it to be like a piece of art. It was that beautiful although it felt a bit cramped and felt like it should have been longer. I would watch a 3 hour version of this film because it felt like it had so much more to give. The world was expertly made and it felt so alive with characters and people that made the film feel way more true really filling it with their own emotions and ideas. 

I can't explain how much I enjoyed this film and I highly recommend you go and see it because for a stand alone film this has really intriguing possibilities.





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