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The village of Pokeytin is under threat. Their crops and cows disappear in the night. Mrs Dodos' washing has been pinched from the line and Mr Walrus can't find a single oyster! Who is to blame? Why the Jabberwocky of course! See this wonderful family show – the Jabberwocky and Other Nonsense at the Torch Theatre this August.

Calf 2 Cow presents this hilarious new adaptation of Lewis Carroll's (Alice in Wonderland) famous poem The Jabberwocky. Set in the world of Wonderland, join them as they tell the tale of our young hero from Pokeytin, armed with their vorpal sword, brave the journey to take on the fierce Jabberwock, knock his head off and save the land! Huzzah!

But is this monster really as bad as those old locals make out?

Calf 2 Cow Productions, proudly based in Bath, is quickly developing as a new touring slapstick comedy theatre company, creating highly visual theatre full of live rock n roll, bonkersness and mayhem. Its mission is to create and tour hilarious, boundary-pushing theatre using creative and energetic storytelling for nearly everyone! (ages 4 - 104! - anyone younger or older is not allowed in. SORRY!)

Expect the Calf 2 Cow treatment of silly multi-rolling, kicks and trips, live floor-stamping rock n roll, water buckets, sweaty actors and a giant dragon puppet, breathing actual fire! Grab your Jubjub bird, and your best mad hat, and prepare yourself for the belly-laughing quest of a lifetime. This is the Jabberwocky as NEVER seen before.

THE JABBERWOCKY & OTHER NONSENSE will visit the Torch Theatre on Thursday 31 August at 4pm. Tickets are: Family £45.00 | Standard £16 | Child: £11. Tickets can be purchased from the Box Office at the Torch Theatre on 01646 695267 or by clicking here.


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