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The Marvels: review by Riley Barn

When the Kree capital of Hala faces imminent destruction General Dar-Benn goes on a mission to find a band capable of creating portals or jump points that will help her save Hala. In her first attempt at making a new jump point she alerts Nick Fury and Captain Marvel.  Captain Monica Rambeau is also inspecting a similar rift near the earth space station S.A.B.E.R and causes them to become entangled but another hero is also tangled with them. Due to the fact the rift was caused by a special band the person in possession of the other is also entwined. Enter the New Jersey teen superhero Miss Marvel. Now the team of marvels must help each other to stop Dar-Benn’s plans and undo the entanglement.

I think we have all heard the news of Marvel’s recent movies and how many of them have been extremely underwhelming and so I, as did many people, went into the theatre expecting similar results. As I sat watching the film I realised that although it had some plot holes and some of the humour wasn't great it was one of the better releases of this year. This is not me saying that this was however my favourite Marvel film this year. That spot is already cemented with Guardians of the Galaxy but perhaps I should have come into this with a different mindset. I personally enjoyed this film's sweet humour and fun connections with characters but it isn't without its flaws. Without spoiling anything there were scenes that had some interesting ideas but then all those ideas were left behind with some coincidental convenience and then are never addressed again.  Also they had taken characters and added really odd plot holes that were just left without any backstory. My main flaw with this film really boils down to the hero's time on a planet that has some unique ways of communication and Captain Marvel herself has an interesting past with but it's all brushed away with the imminent arrival of the villain. I feel that this will never be addressed as it adds little to nothing to the story and only helps make it more convenient for the characters..

Now as I said I personally liked this film and it's because of the unique combination of characters with their different vision of situations being forced to work together through the entanglement. Specifically Miss Marvels superfan perspective and how she acts like every Marvel fan would in the presence of an Avenger, even though she herself is a superhero. Now I want to say that this film has some great premises but they are stuck in a movie that isn't great. The villain Dar-benn feels extremely disconnected.  With little backstory the audience may not feel she is a looming threat.  I feel it is more focused on Carol and Monica's emotional relationship with each other and Monica seems really selfish at times.  She complains that  Carol was never there after the Blip and why she didn't visit but forgot to mention that she was a superhero whose main concern isn't her but the safety and stability of entire planets! Like come on cut her some slack she just helped the Avengers beat up Thanos and now she's off to save another planet it's not her fault! In my opinion Miss Marvel is just such a fun character that I really want to see more of because she literally fixes so many hard emotional issues in simple gestures! I love her funny but also empathetic character. It's so much fun and I hope to see more of her in the future.

Anyway we need not forget the true hero and the real reason we should all watch this film is the true super lovable character of Goose! Everyone needs to watch it just for Goose.


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