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The Three Little Pigs Q&A

We are big fans of Lost The Plot Theatricals here at the Torch and we really enjoyed the Three Billy Goats Gruff. On Saturday, 17 February, you will have the opportunity to see their brand-new production, The Three Little Pigs. Anwen caught up with Jessie Waterfield who plays Poppy.

Following the success and laughs of the Three Billy Goats Gruff at the Torch last year, what can audience members expect to see with The Three Little Pigs?

Audiences can expect colourful costumes, giggles a plenty, new catchy songs, dancing and lots of participation for piglets of all ages! It’s barrels of fun, with important messages to be learnt along the way!


Say a bit about the characters … who is the naughtiest pig of all and why?

Penny is a little pig that loves to dream big. Her sisters think her head is up in the clouds, but Penny wants to prove her ideas are good after all.

Pat is the clever one that thinks she knows the most. She can be a bit of a bossy boots, but she always wants to help her Pig Pals.

Poppy is definitely the naughtiest one. She’s the laziest pig by far and all Poppy wants to do is have lots and lots of fun! She’s always cutting corners and she loves to have a joke. There’s plenty of tricks from all three of the Pigs in this show though...


Do any of the pigs have silly habits or traits?

Pat is never without her trusty checklist. She writes everything down meticulously, so she can check it off with a Tick!

Poppy loves a wiggle and Penny is always daydreaming.


As a company, when do you start rehearsing before you tour?

We usually start rehearsals the week before going on tour. We always begin with a vocal call to go over the songs and then we learn the choreography. Rehearsals are fast paced but super fun!


What’s been the most fun part of rehearsals? 

The best bit is seeing the script jump to life. I love getting shows on their feet and this one really is fun for all ages. Singing together for the first time, adding all the props and actions and trying on the costumes is great fun and of course having a wonderful creative team to work with makes the whole thing thoroughly enjoyable.


Does the show include a lot of songs?

There’s lots of original songs to get those trotters tapping to in this one. Ballads, bops, raps and a mega mix. There really is something for everyone. We weren’t lying when we said it’s an oinktastic musical!


Will there be a lot of audience participation?

Oh yes! We hope you like apples Pig Pals... There’re songs to be sung and mischief to be made, so come ready to wave your trotters in the air and cheer with a great big oink!


Does the story follow the original plot?

It’s the Three Little Pigs story that we know and love following Poppy, Pat and Penny as they excitedly leave the family sty in search of new adventures and to build their new home! There’s a fun twist on the original plot, but you’ll have to wait and see. Did you hear there’s a wolf on the loose?


Why choose The Three Little Pigs as your new touring show?

Lost The Plot’s production of The Three Billy Goats Gruff had been such a hit up and down the country and in London, that we wanted to create a brand-new show! We like choosing classic fairytales and finding a way to retell them in a fun and interactive way, so Three Little Pigs seemed the obvious choice. All of the music in our shows is original and guaranteed to leaving you humming the songs on the way home. We hope our shows are a great first experience of live theatre for little ones!


You obviously enjoy coming to the Torch here in Pembrokeshire, what’s the attraction?

We loved our visit to the Torch with The Three Billy Goats Gruff and it was certainly a highlight of the tour. We can’t wait to meet all the piglets in the audience for an oinktastic afternoon!


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