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The familiar introduction works to really generate expectations and excitement. Anticipation is ramped up to whet the appetite for what is to come. Add to this the iconic theme, courtesy of Lalo Schifrin, and we're all set to hurtle our way at a rate of knots towards a great escapist adventure... and a rollicking good time!

The set pieces are nothing short of magnificent...and they're numerous. No sooner has one breath been caught than we are gasping for the next as we're lurched at breakneck speed into the next incredible scene, before being pitched into more hot-on-the-heels action and adventure. 

The locations are dramatic and beautiful, each enhancing the events and driving the action superbly.

The ingredients are surely all there for a blockbusting and fantastic adventure - nothing is omitted. Horses, cars, vehicles of every description, fast steam train, motorcycles, boats, submarine, aircraft are all very effectively in the mix! These all contribute to the white-knuckle ride and feature in some of the most seat-gripping moments.

Huge kudos to Tom Cruise here. He does a breath-taking job in his main role as Ethan Hunt, not the least during the scenes where he is sprinting at full pelt. Let us not forget he is performing some of the most incredible stunts himself . 

Mr Cruise lends a very impressive screen presence to the film during his acting performance, especially as the dramatic storyline unfolds and his enigmatic character interacts with other important characters. Some of the story details are very inventive and intricate...where do all these unscrupulous megalomaniacs come from? The implications of unstoppable forces of technology are well and truly included in the loop.

The storyline also contained many nods to previous backstory, which is always valuable in a film series such as Mission: Impossible. Some real poignancy and human interest manage to be well communicated in amongst all the action and pace of the story, helping to pique interest and curiosity ready for sequel as film ends.

Special effects and photography merit particular acknowledgement, with the bar being set ever higher. Without doubt the best way to appreciate this film is to watch it on the big screen .

Ethan's team, Luther and Benji, are well placed to support the action and the story, as is Ilsa .

The support cast are integral to both the drama and the funny moments, notably Ilsa regarding the former and Benji and the CIA agent concerning the latter. No spoilers here...suffice to say watch out for Simon Pegg as Benji directing Tom Cruise as Ethan on his motorcycle prior to Ethan accessing the steam train.

Audience appreciation is very audible in reaction to humour.

New addition cast member Hayley Atwell as Grace plays a very strong role in the film and has attracted some very positive reviews and publicity.

No  Mission: Impossible film would be feasible without the significant part played by the "kit" and the "gadgets"...and these do not disappoint! They are vital components of the fun and enjoyment of the Mission: Impossible film series, of course .

Can't wait for Part Two now. Well, this message will (not) self-destruct in 5 seconds...this film is thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended summer holiday viewing!



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