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Local artist Alec Lewis is exhibiting his work in our Oriel Joanna Field Gallery for the month of May.

Now living in Tenby, Alec is a full-time artist whose creations are inspired by poetry, musical lyrics, myths and legends and nature.

Of his work Alec says:

“Emerging from the rich pool of creative expression of singers, painters and poets, comes a lyric or quote that grabs my attention and inspires my work; to capture on paper and canvas an aspect of their character that those words evoke.

My paintings also reflect a nostalgic longing for a more innocent, perhaps more honest time. Pubs were places to meet and talk, like Browns Hotel in Laugharne, witness to the ale-infused ego sparring of Dylan Thomas and Augustus John. Music was performed in more intimate venues, and what you saw and heard unfolded before your eyes and ears and those that were there with you, not shared with thousands of anonymous online watches.”

In his artwork Alec recognises his major influences by painting the people whose words and craft have inspired him, some of whom he describes as his musical heroes. These include William Blake, Augustus John and Dylan Thomas from the past and more recently Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Elvis and Leonard Cohen.

Alec’s work makes use of a variety of media to create art that combines the brilliance of the work of those by whom he is inspired, with the commonplace and everyday use of the materials he works with. Intrigued? Come along and view Alec’s work in the Oriel Joanna Field Gallery from Wednesday 4 May. The exhibition is available to view when the Torch Theatre is open.


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