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Blog No. 16 - Nia ap Tegwyn

Meet Nia ap Tegwyn. She promotes the work of the Torch Theatre through the Welsh language page of the weekly newspaper - the Carmarthen Journal and hopes to become a regular Torch visitor.

I received an invitation to visit the Torch Theatre to see the play Private Lives back in October and, although I have been to the Torch once before several years ago, I’m not very familiar with the venue or what it has to offer. We received the warmest welcome to before the show and it was nice to be able to casually network and meet others.

The bar and reception areas are nice and comfortable, and everyone was looking forward to the feast ahead. The play itself was new to me but a classic of course and all the actors were great. I really enjoyed the play very much and again it was nice to socialise during the interval. As I wasn’t very familiar with the theatre, I’ve been doing research on-line since my visit to find out what productions, performances and artists they have on their future schedule.

I was surprised at the wide variety that the theatre offers and after seeing Private Lives, a quality play, I know that anything I choose to see in the future will also be of the highest standard. I have seen several things that are up my street and I will soon be deciding what to put in my 2024 diary.

One of the things that will certainly be on my list is the play Kill Thy Neighbour, a play being jointly produced by the Torch Theatre and Theatr Clwyd. This will be shown in April and I am already looking forward to seeing the production. The big question about the play is of course, who will be allowed to come with me and what treats to buy during the break!

As part of my work with Menter Iaith Gorllewin Sir Gâr, I coordinate the Welsh language page of the Carmarthen Journal. I’ve already been promoting the Welsh medium performances of the Torch Theatre on this page and so it would be nice to attend one of them as well.

I also heard that the Theatre included Welsh words, place names and expressions in its panto of Beauty and the Beast during December, so well done for doing this and I am really looking forward to visiting the theatre again. I’ve told family and friends about my experience at the Torch and have encouraged them to go to the website to get a taste of what's on offer and I hope some of them will take the opportunity and buy tickets in the new year. Who knows, maybe we could arrange a bus to go and see Kill Thy Neighbour...


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