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Catch up with Freya for a quick Q and A!

If we have a white Christmas, will you build a snowman? If so, what will your snowman look like? 

Yes definitely! I love building a snowman and finding fun things to decorate it with. My last snowman I made rocked a big floppy summer hat like a movie star on holiday. I also love glitter, so I think I'd like to decorate it with some old dance costumes. 


What’s your favourite part of the day on Christmas day?

I love the whole day! But I do really enjoy the after dinner games. Our family love playing charades or guessing the name on your head game. I love seeing everyone having fun and being relaxed. Those games always end with lots of laughter. 


What are you hoping Santa will bring you? 

I sometimes get a little something to remember the show I'm doing. The last few years I've done Christmas shows and have loved getting something to remember that show/character. 


Did you take part in a Christmas panto in school – what character did you play?

Yes, we had a brilliant teacher (Miss Richards) who had a great love for performing arts and she would make up brilliant modern takes on Christmas shows. During my last year they gave me the part of the headteacher who loved fashion and I got to sing a solo where they changed the words of ABBA's Super Truper to fit the show. 


Have you ever worked Christmas day? 

I haven't worked on Christmas day but I have had many jobs working over the Christmas holidays. 



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