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Ebb and Flow of Pembrokeshire Tides Inspires Local Artist at the Torch!

The June Art Exhibition called ‘Chasing The Light’ at the Joanna Field Gallery at the Torch Theatre will feature the work of Pembrokeshire artist, Chris Prosser. A Welsh Seascape artist who has lived in the county for over 30 years, Chris draws his creative inspiration from the stunning Pembrokeshire coastline that surrounds him.

Originally from Tredegar, south Wales, Chris studied a degree in Graphic Design at Brighton University before working for The Partners consultancy in London. Missing his beloved Welsh roots, he returned to Wales and Pembrokeshire and pursued a successful career in art education for over 30 years, always finding time to pursue his own artwork and practising what he preached. 

Chris has extensively painted the rugged west Wales coast and indulges his passion for stormy skies, lit horizons and the ebb and flow of the tides.

“Much of my painting inspiration evolves around my personal and emotional attachment with a place. My work is based on the atmospheric elements found in the surrounding areas to produce dramatic and contemporary range of art,” said Chris, who took part in A Warm Space project at the Torch earlier in the year.

After deciding on the location and palette, Chris dilutes acrylic paints and transparent layers are glided on the canvas.

“This forms a thin layer of ground, the ebb and flow of repeated brush strokes gently add and remove the paint, allowing depth to come in the form of light and space,” added Chris who works initially from photographic references.

“Eventually, I rely on my imagination and feelings to take over as the final image emerges. Foreboding shadows and elements of light reflecting hope are prevalent in much of my work,” concluded Chris.

The exhibition at the Torch Theatre will open during Box Office hours from Tuesday 3rd – Thursday 28th June. For further information contact the Theatre on 01646 695267 or visit To find out more about the artist and his work go to


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