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Prepare yourselves for cuteness overload as we introduce you to the one and only ‘Terry.’  This cute little dinosaur is the mascot for Dinosaur Adventure Live coming to the Torch Theatre on Friday 25 August and we can’t wait for you to have a totally T-rex-iffic Torch time!

Terry is very busy, but Anwen our roving reporter, finally caught up with him and had a roooaring interview!

So Terry, tell us a bit about Dinosaur Adventure Live? It looks full of action!

It’s so Fun, my brothers and sisters may seem scary but they are very friendly, their babies even like to come and say hello!

We love dinosaurs at the Torch. Which is your favourite dinosaur in the show and why?

This is a tough one for me Anwen as they are all family – I love them all (pssssttt Ringo the Raptor is my favourite)

Can dinosaurs really dance? Do you dance? If so, what’s your favourite move? Can you sing too?

Of course Dinosaurs can dance, have you never seen a T-rex do Thriller? My favourite dance is the Raptor Rumba and I love to shake my tail.

I hear that there’s a missing jewel in the show … can we come on the safari adventure with you to help you find it? Where shall we start?

Absolutely Anwen! The Rangers will take you all safely around the island – hold on to your Dad’s in case they go missing.

I’m so looking forward to seeing the show – what’s your favourite part and why?

I love seeing everyone getting involved and meeting each of my fellow family dinosaurs is super special.



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