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Get to know a bit more about Leilah Hughes - Our Belle!

What’s your favourite part in the panto?

My favourite part of the Panto is when all of us come together at the end to see the beautiful rose fall back together and see the magic and transformation of the Beast back to a Prince. It’s a real magical moment that all the kids (and adults hopefully) love! 


Tell us a bit about your character.

I play Belle, the princess of the show. Saying that, she is a strong-willed character on an adventure! She doesn’t realise that meeting the Beast and falling in love is actually the adventure she’s always wanted! She’s loved by everyone and always wants to make everyone happy :) 


What do you have to eat Christmas day?

Arghh what do I have to eat Christmas Day!? I’ll be honest.. I don’t even know myself. Anything that looks edible goes down a treat! I always look forward to the chocolate log cake with some ice cream after a Christmas dinner though… this girl can EAT! 


Do you enjoy buying Christmas gifts and if so, why?

I absolutely love buying Christmas gifts, I think showing so much love and appreciation even if it may be silly things is so important. It makes everyone feel special. 


Do you have any idea what your New Year’s Resolution will be?

My New Year’s resolution has been the same every single year… to stop eating so much cake and chocolate. Guaranteed by January the 1st.. I’ve broken it. I’ll stay hopeful for next year ey!



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