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All of us at the Torch Theatre are huge fans of the Chase and we can’t wait to have you on our stage for two nights! What a treat! What can fans expect?

An Owen money comedy set followed by an informal chat about me and my life. Second half we have an interactive quiz where you will all lose to me :)

How different is it appearing on live stage rather than a pre-recorded television programme? Do you ever get nervous at a live event?

No, live events are great fun meeting fellow quiz fanatics.

How much preparation will you do before the stage appearance at the Torch?

Lots, mainly on understanding Owen’s accent.

Can you give some advice to the members of our audience as regards how to be a successful contestant?

Pay attention to the question. Make sure the question you answer is the same as the one written on the screen.

The Torch Theatre is really looking forward to welcoming you to Pembrokeshire. Will this be your first visit to the Theatre and to the County? And are you confident that you will beat a member of the audience with us?

Don’t think I have been to Pembrokeshire. Cardigan is closest I have been. You know I am going to win :)


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