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Practice Makes Perfect for Ray – International Bubbleologist and Guinness World Record Holder

Do you want to know what the Ultimate Bubble Show is all about? Read below and come along to help the Bubbleologist in his quest to complete the bubble game and create the ultimate bubble show here at the Torch Theatre on Sunday 31 March. 

We love a lot of bubbles here at the Torch! Explain to us what your show is all about

I haven’t yet met anyone who doesn’t love bubbles! The show is based on a computer game with ten levels (and some bonus levels). All the levels must be completed to earn the title of the bubble master!

Where did the idea of a show full of bubbles come from?

I do a lot of work in schools and science centres all over Europe and the theatre show was developed from the work I have been doing for many years in those locations.

How do you put your show together?

I select bubble tricks and routines that work well in schools and then pick fun music to go along with the tricks.

Do you practice a lot?

I have to practice a lot because, like most things, practice makes perfect! It also helps me to develop new tricks and ideas. Working in so many schools helps me keep my levels up to a high standard.

You take your popular show on tour annually, where do you get your new ideas from?

I have a repertoire of over 120 different bubble tricks, so I always have new tricks to fall back on to keep the show fresh.

Do you experiment with bubbles at home?

I still experiment with bubble recipes to make different tricks even better and more amazing.

Do you find elements of your shows difficult and challenging?

Some of the tricks I perform are very difficult and can easily go wrong at any moment. Bubbles pop when you least expect them to, and you have to start all over again. But it’s good to challenge yourself every day.

What’s the best bubble that you’ve ever created?

Wow, that’s a tough question. You’ll have to come and watch the show and decide for yourself!

If someone wants to create bubbles like you do, how should they go about it?

The secret is in the bubble solution that you use. Good quality bubble solution allows you to do all kinds of wonderful things with bubbles. You have to stay patient and calm and then practice, practice, practice. Good luck!


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