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Q&A with Amelia and Ceri Mears

Amelia aka Crystal

Will you stay up for Santa Christmas eve?

Of course not! I’ll be tucked up in bed waiting for Santa to deliver all my presents. I love the magic of Christmas!

What’s your favourite Christmas food that you’d never share with anyone?

I love, love, love turkey sandwiches on Boxing Day, make use of everything I say! 


What’s your favourite Christmas carol and why?

My favourite Christmas Carol has to be In The Bleak Midwinter, it always makes me feel so Christmassy.


If you won the lottery, where would you choose to celebrate Christmas?

I would choose to celebrate at home still! I’d probably use the money to get my family some really, really cool gifts! 


Do you shop in the sales or prefer to hide away from the crowds?

I always love a good sale but I think the Christmas ones get a bit too crowded. I’ll probably stay home with a cuppa instead. 


Ceri M aka Gertrude

Do you like Christmas?

I love Christmas! It’s all about family, friends and yummy food!

Do you enjoy Christmas shopping?

Definitely not in the shops. I was an early adopter when it came to online shopping  – a few clicks and it’s all done!

Are you all ready for Christmas or do you leave everything until the very last minute?

As I’m usually working away from home this time of year, my partner has to do the tree and decorations. Thankfully, she’s an absolute wizz at it all.

What’s the worst Christmas present that you’ve ever had?

A VHS tape (it was a long time ago) of a band called Orange Juice (I said it was a long time ago!) that my friend would give to me every Christmas, only for me to gift it back to him the following year!

Share with us some of the gifts you’d like from Santa.

 I really want one of those squirty toothpick things that blast water in between your teeth instead of having to floss them. I love a gadget!


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