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“Each piece is inspired by a moment in time.

No piece can be replicated.

It is the original ‘one of one’.”

Rachel de Wreede returns to the Joanna Field Gallery at the Torch Theatre with her second solo exhibition of her artwork. Always popular with visitors to the Torch, Rachel’s beautiful abstract paintings are aesthetically pleasing, moving, and full of drama and colour.

After finishing her education in Pembrokeshire, Rachel received a first -class degree in Fine Art from Cardiff Metropolitan University. Following this her work was exhibited in a number of galleries and she was employed as an Art Advisor where she developed her commercial knowledge of the art world. Moving back to Pembrokeshire eight years ago Rachel was able to follow her dream to become an artist.

Rachel describes her work “non-subjective and heavily expressive in gesture and colour. They are unique works which can’t be replicated, paintings that are pleasing to the eye and make the viewer question each shape and colour combination. Ultimately, I want you to feel something. There’s no right or wrong, just the question of how the art makes you feel in that moment.”

She goes on to explain “Intuitive painting is a creative way to reconnect with yourself. To me it is not about creating a piece that looks like something - it is about exploration and the evolution of my style. It’s a space where I can relinquish control and just be in the moment.

Each piece is started with the anticipation of what will be produced. I know what colours work well together and have honed my painting techniques; however, I never know what the finished piece will look like - which is exciting and daunting at the same time.

Expressing myself through the medium of paint is liberating - producing something tangible from what I felt in that moment, without the use of words. It’s therapeutic to turn off your mind to the every-day noise and look inwards during this creative process. Standing back and viewing the finished piece is my therapy.”

Rachel’s Solo Exhibition will be available to view from Opening Night at 6pm on 5th May, to 30th May 2023, during Torch Box Office opening hours.


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