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Strike: An Uncivil War at the Torch Cinema

Described by the Guardian as a “brutal confrontation on the miners’ strike picket lines,” Strike: An Uncivil War is Daniel Gordon’s feature documentary that tells the story of the Battle of Orgreave. It was the most violent confrontation between Miners and Police during the 1984/85 Miners’ Strike in Great Britain and can be seen at the Torch Theatre Cinema, on Wednesday 3 July.

The year-long Strike was the most divisive and violent industrial dispute that Britain has ever witnessed, and using powerful personal testimony, previously hidden government documents and a treasure trove of never-before-seen archive material, Strike: An Uncivil War follows the events at Orgreave, which took place on 18 June 1984.

Witness at first hand the stories and recollections of the people on the front lines of this incredible moment in time, which split communities and the nation in two, and which has ripples that still resonate to this very day.

“This is a tough, valuable, forthright film about one of the nastiest, ugliest moments in postwar British history. Since 1985, the debate about fossil fuels has, of course, changed. But it is still staggering that a government planned wholesale mine closures with no thought for and no interest in what would happen to the communities affected,” concluded the Guardian this week, who gave the documentary four stars.

Strike: An Uncivil War (15) will be screened at the Torch Theatre on Wednesday 3 July at 5.15pm. Ticket prices: Standard: £7.50. Concession: £7.00. Under 16: £6.00.To book your tickets or for further information, contact the Box Office on 01646 695267 or click here.


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