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He’s creative beyond words, ultra-talented and wants to get to know you – meet Tim Howe, the Torch Theatre’s new Senior Manager -Youth & Community.

Tim, originally from the East Midlands has only been in post at the Torch since the beginning of 2023 and has already made his mark in Pembrokeshire.

Tim has a wealth of experience organising creative workshops and visits schools on a regular basis to get the pupils engaged in theatre – from lighting and directing to creative writing and performing, such classes can be accessed at the Torch Theatre under the watchful eye of Tim and his creative team.

Having graduated from Aberystwyth University and then gaining a post grad from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Tim has always wanted to work in Wales – a place he calls home. When the post came available at the Torch, Tim jumped at the opportunity to move further west and hasn’t looked back.

“Ever since leaving Aberystwyth I was looking for a reason to return to Wales. Wales feels like home to me and I know that coming to the Torch Theatre was just the right decision,” explained Tim who worked at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff as the venue’s Creative Engagement Manager for over five years.

Tim’s role at the Torch is varied and each day is different:

“Working here at the Torch is so very exciting. It’s actually more creative and adventurous than working in the city. Going to work every day and walking alongside the Haven and Harbour, seeing the countryside and its people just feels like a community, and it’s that community we are trying to get into the Torch, to be a part of the Torch and to offer people what they really want,” added Tim.

On Thursday nights, Tim hosts a Creative Skills and Writing workshop for those aged 18 plus where participants look at techniques for performing, directing and writing, as well as sharing artistic ideas this is a great opportunity to meet new people. The next workshop will be on 18 May from 8pm until 10pm.

“And what’s great about these workshops is that you don’t have to attend them all. Maybe some won’t appeal and others will. There’s no obligation to attend every one, just the ones you think you’ll enjoy and they all happen in a friendly, welcoming environment here at the Torch,” explained Tim.

From China to St Ives in Cornwall, Tim has worked with youth theatre groups and in the world of drama for as long as he can remember, but this new role at the Torch has pressed every button.

“It’s just amazing and I’ve met many new people – children and adults. This in itself keeps you creative and this is why I love doing what I’m doing.

“We recently held a lighting and sound workshop for Pennar Community School, we held a Horror Story writing session with Milford Haven Community Primary School and more recently a drama and games day at Tavernspite County Primary School. It’s all about engaging with schools, teachers and pupils and to get them interested in what we do here at the Torch and to get them involved – from Ceredigion to Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire, our door is open to all,” said Tim.

The Torch Theatre activity for young people aged seven to 18 as well as for adults aims to give interactive and engaging creative insights into the theatre making process, as Tim explains.

“Each week our participants are encouraged to build their confidence through creative and engaging skill-building sessions, led by our dedicated team. These sessions are not just about acting and theatre; we ensure that everyone develops their social skills, problem-solving, and teamwork. Most importantly we want people to have fun and make new friends.

“The Torch Theatre is a welcoming space to everyone. We aim to make reasonable adjustments to our delivery to ensure that each group provides the best fit for everyone, so everyone can make the most of their experiences.”

Tim concluded: “We seek to engage people in creative safe spaces which allow them to express themselves; to work out what matters to them, what they are passionate about, and how to tell everyone about that. We believe that everyone we work with has the power to make their own stories and change how we all see our world. We welcome everyone and look forward to seeing you at some of our activity very soon”.

Further information regarding the workshops, school visits and the Torch Youth Theatre can be obtained by phoning 01646 695267.

Photo Credit: Chris Lloyd


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