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Trolls Band Together - A Must See! A review by Freya

With the Trolls Band Together film being shown at the Torch Theatre this month, we were delighted to receive this terrific review from Freya, our new film reviewer, who appears to have had a troll-ific time at the Torch!

“Trolls Band Together, starts with flashbacks from the character Branch who remembers his old life cut short by Poppy with news of a Royal wedding. Just as the vows are said they are interrupted by another Troll, in dire need of help. Branch, Poppy, Tiny Diamond and their new friend set off on a journey to help save one of Branch’s old treasures. With bumps along the way, they soon find themselves in a new location where they believe Branch’s long-lost treasure is being kept.

“I really enjoyed this movie. It is uplifting and enjoyable for any kind of person. I took my mum and two of my siblings and they absolutely enjoyed it. My mum had said that some of the songs were from the 90s boy bands and took her back to her good days. Some of the story felt a bit repetitive throughout the movie but it's great to see the Trolls being reunited with their old friends. I really liked seeing the characters from the older Trolls movies as well as the different songs which fit perfectly with each of the different scenes in the movie. This movie had some funny moments for the adult people in the audience.

“The songs throughout the movie were sung with passion giving each character their own special energy giving the audience fun. The songs really made you feel that you were in the movie. The actors did amazing, giving each character their own life in the movie. Everyone did their best to make this movie, and I enjoyed each part of it and hope others did too.

“I recommend this movie to everybody. It is fun for the family and is a movie that I think would be suitable for everybody whether they are adults or young children.”


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