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WiFi Wars Review - Riley Barn

Wifi Wars is an interactive show where the audience participates in a competition against the rest of the viewers with a twist, the games are beamed onto your phone and most are classic 8 bit games ranging from Pac Man to Pong. You are brought along to these games with the help of the host, Steve McNeil, comedian and video games commentator.

I will admit, that when I heard about Wifi Wars I was confused. I had never heard of it and was immediately shocked to hear it was at the Torch. After some digging, I found out about it and it seemed interesting, but I wasn't extremely excited only knowing small bits about it, so when I walked into the theatre, I was ready for something that would be a little fun thing but nothing shocking. I was wrong. Using simple instructions on the screen I, along with everybody else, was able to play some classic games in a competitive and fun environment encouraging teamwork and skill in games and quizzes where the 2 sides of the room battled for points. I am happy to say my side, the right and better side, won the competition but that only added to the enjoyment with most people showing enjoyment whenever the scores were shown. You are able to pick your name and a profile picture which you take (or you get a cute cat) which is shown at point during the game.

Because it was fun, I was disappointed to see how short it was. It was between 30 minutes to an hour, so I would have liked to have played for longer allowing for more and longer gameplay of good games and a larger variety of classic and newer games. I would also like to add that this does require a phone preferably fully charged but doesn't need a wifi connection as one is provided to play hence the name Wifi Wars and can be played on all phones which helps give it a larger range of accessibility and allows a larger audience to play. I think more people should know about this because it is a fun way to play against people in games that normally can't play competitively, I mean where else are you going to play competitive Pac Man?

This was a really fun way of playing games, and I hope more people hear about this and give it a go just like I did, because I had a great time playing.


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